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“Synaxis” (σύναξις) is an ancient Greek word that means “assembly” or “gathering together.” It was used in the early Church and in Byzantine times to refer to a gathering together of Christians, especially for liturgical services. In particular, the first part of the Divine Liturgy, the “liturgy of the word,” was often called “The Synaxis.”

This blog is intended to be an assembly and a gathering together of spiritual reflections, profiles, and other Orthodox Christian content. We hope Synaxis will be spiritually enriching for both Orthodox Christians and all others who encounter it.

Synaxis is managed by the Offices of Advancement and Alumni Relations of St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary.

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  1. Br. Christopher Baumann, OSA

    Wonderful idea and congrats to Advancement and Alumni office.

    As an Anglican, I will bookmark Synaxis and enjoy the postings.

    May God continue to bless you all and VOTS in particular. One of the highlights opf my life was visitng with and having my picture taken wirth Kallistos Ware-what an honor. I am a brother in the Anglican/Ecumenical religiouds order, The Order of Saint Andrew.
    Blessings everyone

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