The transcendent

Written by Fr. Lev Gillet, also known as “A Monk of the Eastern Church,” In Thy Presence is a book of short spiritual reflections on the presence of Christ. As in the case of the quotation below, these reflections are sometimes imagined as words spoken from our Lord to the believer.

“My child, I shall not leave thee in peace. I want to teach thee to transcend.

Take pleasure in all harmonious beauty. It is good. But thou must learn how to tear thyself away from it, so that what is sublime in it can be seen.

Do not blaspheme against intelligence, for I am both the origin and the summit of Thought. But I do not want thee chained forever to the tedious discipline of reasoning. I wish to give thee vision.

Hold to obedience and piety, qualities so many people make mock of these days. But I do not want thee to doze off into a comfortable morality or piety. I wish to inspire thee to sacrifice.

Thou dost realise the distance which lies between thy God and thyself. And it is right that thou shouldst. But be careful not to calculate that distance in order to keep to it strictly, adopting the stance that requires least effort.

My child, I wish to reveal to thee, day by day, God become man; thy Lord Love taking flesh, taking thy flesh.

It is in assuming human nature, without any confusion, it is in becoming one of us without ever ceasing to be Himself that limitless Love supremely shatters all limits.”

Excerpt from In Thy Presence by Lev Gillet, St Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 1977, p. 39, emphases added.

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  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to say that I have a copy of this book and it is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. Fr Gillet has an incredible way with words that makes you really contemplate on the love God has for each of us.

    One of my favourite reflections from this book is titled ‘I come to thee in the smallest things’ and can be found on this link:

    I highly recommend this book!!!

    God bless

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